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I learn Python and Programming by Working on a Text-Based RPG: Entry 1

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Welcome to the blog entries that should culminate into the creation of an RPG in Python and documentation of my steps as I learn both the basics of Programming and Python. I do not know how to truly start this off yet as I am mostly hoping to document any progress in regards to this RPG and find any helpful tips from anyone.

I will first start off by then showing pictures of the folders and the items in them through one image.

Posted Image

So let's explain the overall ideas of what each folder is to contain.

'character' contains files related to Player and NPC's

'enemy' is suppose to contain files related to enemy stats

'items' is suppose to contain files related to items and inventory

'system' is suppose to contain files relating to any gameplay such as combat or something (probably going to be deleted in the future.

So you may be thinking either "That looks interesting." or "Gee Akasen, what are you doing? That's a total mess!" to which I shall reply "What do you expect? I'm still new to this." But that's why I am here, to learn what is my mistakes and fix them. Now if your complaint right now is that the folder structure is a mess, start thinking about what the Python code itself looks like.

I'll be posting what I have for what I feel I need to work on, or what I feel needs to be posted, in the next entry.

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