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Personal Update

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So I have just written up a short post on a new RPG I am taking a crack at in Python. This time around I am attempting to remain simple, focusing only on understanding the logic at hand.

I've been at all this for about a good year or more now. I know that I know more about programming now than I did back say February of 2012, but I feel like I am at this weird and impossible part in learning where it seems like all I can make really are basic things like maybe a calculator that always has to be launched to work. It's so daunting really, I honestly have lost all hope in myself, fell to the floor, started sobbing, and contemplating how useless this may all be. How I might not be able to even do what I really enjoy doing and being good at what I so far find I like to do. I eventually smack myself hard, either figuratively or literally, and pull myself together and get back with life.

I guess there are many things that one can say is why I feel like this. I've only done this for a year. No one learns how to speak a language in a year, and no one make THE ULTIMATE DOOM after only a year of learning how to program in C. I haven't had really much guidance in what I am doing. My teacher for intro programming, C, and Java was just horrible in my eyes. It really felt like High School where I learned history and then later dump my mind of all I learned. Our Final Exam and Projects was always some punch to my groin. I could barely do the one in my C class simply because he never talked about SWITCH or CASE or what the hell a Struct was. A buddy of mine kept doing the assignment for me each time I inquired. I'm pretty sure I effectively gave half-effort and still made it with like an okay grade. The Java class just killed me. I will be honest, I suck at Object Oriented Programming. I understand the concept of having a Class called Person, and a person has (Name, Money, Hair_Color, Health_Problem, SSN, ....). I get that stuff. I think I sorta get you can put functions within a Class and these functions can be called for actions the person may take or what happens when they take these actions, But I don't know. I'm still getting the hang of this stuff. Nearly failed Java because of my relative understanding of the concept. And Java.

So what am I doing now? I still go to college, I now work at a minimum wage work place located at Wally-World, I am now attempting to learn Japanese. This year has been interesting really. As of now, I am continuing work to teach myself programming through Python and I new have a new blog dedicated to this. I hope to explain with each post what everything is, the logic and flow of my program, and get helpful responses from everyone here on this site.

This will be the end of this post. Catch you all later.


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