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2019 - 10 - 08

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I come onto this forum occasionally to check up on things. Mainly to see if the forum is still around in a day and age where Reddit is basically the go to gathering hole for programmers. But personally, I think Reddit is missing something in any of its communities, though I'm unsure what that is exactly.

I don't use this site very often at all. When I was using it, I was using it in a time where I was looking for guidance in learning how to program. More guidance really. I was extremely aimless at the time, naive even. I had little confidence in my abilities, and I had issues wrapping my head around software development. I still remember wondering if I'd have to write a GUI from scratch and have to learn how to make one in C, or if I wanted to make a game if I would have to write the engine from scratch. I felt intimidated by libraries simply because I felt as though I would be stealing another persons work to create something, that I was cheating myself out of a learning experience.

Some eight years later now, a University Bachelors Degree in Computer and Information Science, and where am I now?

I hate to say not very far from where I began. I only recently got that Bachelors Degree mind you, and it was a struggle. I find myself in a situation then where I'm trying my best to throw around applications left and right, while at the same time trying to further hone my skills and abilities as a programmer. This is something I should have done much much earlier, but at this moment I can't really look at it that way as that will do nothing but be nothing more than self-demoralization. I must move forward in learning and have confidence with each step

Currently, I've taken an interest in web development. I've had an interest in it for about a year now, I think two of my previous blog posts touch on it. I've been delaying horribly lessons from the Odin Project though in that time frame mostly due to school and a major Senior Project that was itself a two-semester hell. One semester was a crash course into things like Agile, Jira, Work flows, or whatever (I've forgotten at this point cause my group used NONE of it, the second was us playing a huge game of catch up trying to learn ASP.Core and how to actually make a website as specified by a client. I was never satisfied with the project in the end. I knew other groups had prettier looking interfaces, more functionality to them, and we had this very basic CRUD site based on a tutorial from Udemy or some online course site. All things considered, we did well considering this was really the first time anyone in my particular group have ever touched any form of web development using ASP.Core or the like. I assume most other groups were just highly self-sufficient and knew these things well beforehand, or at least had one person who did who could teach everyone else.

I'm rambling on about a nightmare at this point.

Real point is, I'm back on the saddle to tackle programming and web development and picking back up where I left off in the Odin Project. Currently, I've been spending the last week or so maybe working on the Hangman project in Ruby. As of last night or so, I actually managed to have the game working from start to finish. The last piece in the puzzle is to implement serialization for saving and loading the game and I'll be good.

Serialization though was this big, mindblowing thing to me though. I'd ALWAYS been wondering how data is saved and loaded later for eight years. I hadn't realized there was a word for the whole concept. On one hand, it's embarrassing it took so long. On the other hand, I learned something, and I must be humble to this moment for I must take it as a sign that there is much to be learned, and that I must strike out to understand this concept along with others.

Finally then, I must also persevere in my learning. I can not let a small obstacle deter me from overcoming it. For it is the small victories that will propel me through this whole process.

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05 November 2019 - 10:12 AM
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