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Dear reader,

After long thinking I decided to make a blog to put my student life in a programming perspective. Currently I am a first year Master student in Control and Simulation in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Next to being a student, I have been on DIC for around 2 years eventually submitting some tutorials about data structures. Although I have an interest in programming (I followed several courses at the faculty of Computer Science), in the past few years I discovered that I am still leaning more towards aerospace engineering.
But that's enough about me. Probably, you might be wondering in the first hand: what is an Aerospace Engineer doing at a programming board? Go away and make your planes. As stated before, not only do I have an interest in programming, but also consider the fact that aerospace engineering goes hand in hand with programming like many of the other engineering fields. To name a few examples:

  • F117 Nighthawk
    You know, the black stealth plane. Without a computer to find the required aerodynamics while retaining its stealth feature this plane would never exist.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Although doing tests in wind tunnels is a viable option, it is expensive. So what do scientists come up with? Highly computational fluid dynamics, with methods ranging from panel methods till flat plate assumptions. And if you have nothing to do and like maths, you might as well try to solve the Navier-Stokes equations for a Nobel Prize and a nice sum of money.
  • Fly by wire
    Big aircrafts would not be controllable at all without these sophisticated systems. While a cable-wiring system is sufficient for the smaller lighter aircraft (like a two seat plane as the Cessna Citation Skyhwawk 172), it is unfeasible for large aircrafts such as the Boeing 777 or the Airbus A380. Imagine controlling those with a cable system. Not only would you need to apply a tremendous amount of force, but the cables would be so heavy that the plane probably won't be able to take off anymore...
  • And many more...

So what will this blog feature? Because many blogs on DIC already feature aspects such as best programming practices or software engineering , I want to give the reader another view on programming: how to apply it in another field which is not related to IT? This means that I mainly show programming examples of how you apply programming with aerospace related subjects. Next to the usual programming in C++, I will also give some elaborate examples in Matlab programming. If you are not afraid of maths and programming, and you have a love for control engineering or aerospace engineering, then maybe this is the right spot for you to be.

Probably I made a relatively long first blog post, but I hope you are looking forward to my (programming) adventures and perils! ^^

Ow and if you have any feedback, tips, comments, don't hesitate to leave them behind ;)

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