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How much does it cost?

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To answer my entry title question: a click! That's the cost of saying: "Thank you!" on this forums.

I'm surprised, and really shocked(because of non comparing behavioral patterns exists in my brain) when I see, how some of "visitors" (although registered) react to the people, who actually try to help them. It's not so rare to see demands, and smart-assing from help seekers, and the result of extensive efforts someone else puts in helping to solve such persons problem, is minimizing the effort or simply nothing. Hit and run. Not a simple click to + button, like it is a dollar or something.

It costs nothing. $0!

Yet, it remains visible (almost! Long live the D.I.C.!) forever when clicked, and represents lasting expression of real gratitude.

Maybe the price is the problem. If help wouldn't be without $ value, then it might be cherished more?!

I need to expose one more thing. It also happens here and there (to often for my taste), that such type of person "rewards" the helping one, with a minus (-) vote, when he/she is kindly reminded of inappropriate attitude. Maybe the ability to down vote someone else's post, should be altered to members with certain status and above only? Perhaps Craftsman+ (25 reputation points +) rank members should have such rights?

Anyway. Here I will "store" such great examples of gratitude, just for remainder, or maybe a point-to blog entry, of how it shouldn't be. Archived examples will go to spoiler, the newest one will earn their place on piedestal.

Here we go:
8 October 2012:


it fails, as shown attached.

Please download the project to edit directly on the code, and send the solution to email: [email protected]

29 September 2012:
After the guy did 22 lines of code to help him out, or just push him in (the right) direction.

From 29 September 2012 - 02:31 AM:

I don't think you understood what I wanted. I understand what you were saying but look. I want the panel to be a viewport. I found out a way to do it with hidden scrollbars so as your player moves forward the form moves to the right and when it goes back it moves to the left. I don't want to control my character I want the panel to be a viewport so I can see whats within it only and when i move my player the world moves with it.

Another example is here. Nagging via PM for help, then down votes one of the experts here (OK, I admit he/she wasn't warned kindly).

Feel free to point me to candidates for this entry updates.

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01 October 2012 - 02:29 AM
I disagree with giving the minus button to those with only of a certain rank, as everyone is entitled to say what they think is right or wrong. Also, if a minus was done because of rage or just because he/she doesn't like what the poster said, most of the people here just balance out by giving it back.

I do agree though that some people are arrogant even though they're the ones asking for help, and this ones we should rebuke, as tlhIn`toq did in your example. They have no right to do that when they're the ones asking for help.

Rep = cash? Well, just shoot for top 1. Good luck. ^^


02 October 2012 - 06:14 AM
Hi fromTheSprawl. Thanks for reading and commenting my post. The idea of disabling minus button for certain member group is not that new. "Just Registered" and "New Member" group members (everyone with <= 10 posts) already can't down vote, but are free to express their opinions in posts (see FAQ). The "problem" with current voting regime, as I see it, is that it's tied to number of posts. One can have 10+ posts in a day, or an hour. It's "harder" for such members to earn some reputation points, and perhaps, if they would need to get some before they would be able to down vote someone else, they would think twice before they do.

Thanks for your kind wishes. All good to you too.


02 October 2012 - 06:44 PM
I forgot about that in FAQ, yes, very interesting. You can formally suggest it in Site Discussions and Support. ^^
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