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An old friend and some other things.

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Well, I've started going through a textbook for C++ last night, and I'm about to review what I learned last night and progress a bit further tonight. While I was going through it, thoguh, I started talking to an old friend. This guy is a complete genius. How many people do you know that have written their own programming language? I think he's around seventeen years old, to top it off. So, somehow, I got roped into helping with syntax and things later on in my coding career. Note that I'm completely alright with this. I think it will be a great experience. Who knows? I may be watching as a popular language is developed. I might not, but there's always the chance.

On the textbook that I'm going through; I would think that, since the author's target audience is one of no coding knowledge whatsoever, they would at least attempt to instill good habits and such to make the code more readable, as well as making sure that the reader knows that commenting is extremely necessary (gah, run-on). Either way, I've been enjoying his commentary on things. He explains history of the language sometimes, as well as the reason why certain things were done. I doubt it will be as thorough as the textbooks I'll get for shool, but it'll suffice for now.

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