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Nearly through my first class.

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I've spent the last month in my introduction class. I've gone entirely through Using Information Technology 10th edition, for those of you that care. I knew a lot already, but it was all patchy. The book filled somethings in, and expanded on others. The final chapter was entirely about programming. It was the wind on my embers. I suddenly can't wait to get into the programming courses. I've got to get through another 2-3 month-long classes before that, though. Until then, I think I'm going to continue writing down my ideas and, after I'm finished with the class I'm currently in (Like, four days or so), I'm going to proceed with learning C++ from my textbook. I'll continue updating here with my progress, though I doubt that many people actually care. It's simply just my little public-diary-thing that I'll use to keep myself going. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to entertain a few people along the way. Anyway, time for classwork. Here's me signing off.

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