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Some unfortunate news for me, and a fun theory on a mundane thing.

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Job Corps, the trade school I was going to, is funded entirely by the Department of Labor. I was in what is known as the "College Program." I was getting room and board while I went to college and learned all the wonders of the computer world. But, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Several weeks ago, the DOL decided that it would change it's initial decision about the College Program being 100% safe from budget cuts. They informed every student in the College Program that they were shutting their program down. This was sudden, and allowed for very little preparation time for most people. They were transitioned out of Job Corps the following week. I was among a small group of very lucky people who had a month to finish classes and look for jobs, housing, and anything else I might need. I may have found a decent job/career (~$15/hr starting wage, full time, full benefits), but I'm unsure as of yet. I'm hopeful, though. Things are moving very quickly, and it's challenging to keep up. I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and I'll survive just fine. Onto the fun things, now.

Today, I had a bit of a weird bug. I had a function of the type double in which I forgot to include a return statement. It returned 3.11048e-317 anyway. It made me curious about how the return value really works. I have an idea, but it may be wrong. I think the program sets aside memory for each variable, each instruction, and for the return value. No matter what, it returns what's in the space allocated for the return variable, but a return statement tells the computer what to fill that space with. Each time I ran the program, it returned the same value. I'm curious, though, why it was such an odd number.

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