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This was not meant to happen.

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This was not meant to happen...I finally completed my degree, after living with people whose sanity could be called into question I made it, there were some highs and some jaw dropping lows but I finally got there, I got my scrap of paper that tells me it was all worth while, but was it?

A couple of years ago I passed on the opportunity for a career as an I.T. Help-desk support engineer, I was taught growing up that you ,HAD, to get a degree so in my mind that was all that mattered, I.T support wasn't exactly where I wanted to be but it was definitely a step up and I turned it down, if I knew then what I know now I'm not sure I would've passed on it.

I finished university, spent a couple of months winding down and catching up with my family who I hadn't seen in 3 years, after I was acclimatised I started looking for a job, I quickly put together a CV and a cover letter and sent it off to all the local businesses and it was a slight shock when I got nothing back but hey, maybe I was aiming a little high so I looked for jobs a little further down the ladder, to my dismay the same thing happened again, and again, and again. Eventually finances became strained so I had to sign up for benefits, a truly humbling experience for those of you who are young and single, I HATED having to do that and I HATED feeling like a useless sponge, after all, I had no job, I was single, I even had to move back home and live with my parents (another experience that I recommend against), eventually I found employment! In retail, not where I wanted to be but to be honest, at that point a job was a job, it was income and something to build on.

Recently I got a letter congratulating me on working there for a year and it hit me hard, I don't know where the year went, all I know is that my confidence has really taken a nose dive over the course of it, my health is pretty questionable and my I.T. skills are rusty, retail is NOT a job for me, I work hard but it's not challenging enough, there's no problem solving and all you do is wait for a customer to come up to you before you can do anything, although there is nothing wrong with it, it's not suited to where I want to go in life and as time goes on I'm finding myself become hazy, tired and apathetic and that's simply not the kind of person I am, this MUST change, I want the better end of that stress graph above, I want to cultivate my motivation and enthusiasm and use it to power my way to the top.


This is where it starts, this is where I find my motivation and realise my potential and these are my goals to complete by the 3rd of March 2013 (90 days recommended by this inspirational text a friend shared with me):

  • Aim to be earning 12,000.
  • To pass my driving test.
  • To escape my current living arrangements.
  • To gain employment in the I.T. sector.
  • To complete ONE personal programming project.
  • To join a gym.

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05 December 2012 - 01:32 PM
Kudos on making 2013 the year of change.
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