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5/12/2012 - 12/12/2012: Weekly tasks

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I'm going into this EXPECTING to fail, I've read a few articles about establishing healthy habits and they've mentioned that starting a good routine isn't the hard part since you're rewarded for what you've done, maintaining that habit/routine when other responsibilities get in the way is what breaks it, you feel bad about not maintaining that new routine and it's that emotionally negative association, there are other contributing factors but that's a key one that many (including myself) don't even consider.

I won't be able to keep up a ridiculous amount of tasks from week to week because of other responsibilities but as long as I keep at it I will still be making constant progress towards my goals.

5/12/2012 - 12/12/2012: Weekly tasks

Aim to be earning 12,000.

I currently do not earn 12,000 annually, any full time job would allow me to earn this, I COULD pick up extra hours in retail which is what I'm currently doing, however, it's kinda soul destroying, I just couldn't do it for 40 hours a week, I think I should look to move into something more suited to my personality and skills, maybe moving into data entry, I.T. support would be ideal, even though it's entry level it still ticks the boxes.

One of the problems I have is that I can't gauge how good I am at certain tasks which is part of why I've found writing CV's particularly difficult so I should put extra time into writing my CV.

To pass my driving test.

I had a driving lesson today, it went pretty well, my test is booked this month so I'm hoping I'll pass, still, it's not something I should leave to chance. To increase the chance of passing I'll be going over some of the documentation I have on the subject and familiarise myself with the main manoeuvres, I should also check that my eyesight passes the requirements and read over what you're scored on.

To escape my current living arrangements.

I need to look for places to live, average rental, utilities cost etc, also think about moving near where friends are, something I learned when moving to another country and not knowing anyone is that that initial loneliness can suck and that good friends can never be overrated. Hobbies are also something I should think about, I want to improve my health so maybe I should look for areas that have a number of dojos.

In short, I need a suitable exit strategy

To gain employment in the I.T. sector.

I've recently been employed by a company run by a friend to update their website, the work is voluntary but this is a chance to learn while doing and a way to overcome my habit of over thinking things, I'm not completely useless, I still have web development knowledge and I have until the 15th of December to complete 3 of the main site sections, so far it's going well, the client is happy with the work that's they've seen so far and due to the requirements of the site I'm doing a bit of everything; HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and SQL. I'm even dabbling in the arty side of things.

I should complete 2 more web/programming projects to gain suitable experience to head into paid work full on, part of the agreement for any voluntary work that I complete is that I can display it in my own portfolio site (still to be built), however, I will still take any paid work going.

I'm also going to read the documentation about becoming a freelance web developer since it may prove to be a viable option depending how things go. I have good interpersonal skills so that's always a plus, since web development strikes me as more of a service I should spend some times planning how to go about this and especially focus on the finance side of things since that's definitely my area of weakness, I think I will write a business plan

To complete ONE personal project.

I haven't got a portfolio site, I think given the area of employment that I'm targeting it's something that I will need so that will be my personal project; to design and develop a portfolio website.

To join a gym.

I'm going to find out where the nearest gyms are and what they charge, I should also look into developing a healthier diets.


These are my current goals to complete for March 3rd 2013:

  • Aim to be earning 12,000.
  • To pass my driving test.
  • To escape my current living arrangements.
  • To gain employment in the I.T. sector.
  • To complete ONE personal project.
  • To join a gym.

(Please forgive the structure, I'm going by more of a learn by doing method so I favour action over inaction, usually I'll over think a task and try and perfect the thought and never accomplish what I need to do within an appropriate time)

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06 December 2012 - 01:01 PM
Don't forget to ping the fitness thread in the lounge..
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