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I am not very confident

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Which probably has been my biggest problem of all time. Even here, online, on forums, with strangers, I feel like I am about to screw up all the time.

I want to program. I've tried for a while now, and I find it a lot of fun, i'm just having so much trouble with it. Mostly with languages and stupid stuff like that. Which I shouldn't have. With that I mean, that I am having a hard time deciding upon a language that I should use. Just made a post about that in the Corner Cubicle..

Starting a blog to write about my programming experience, sounds like a good idea to me, even if there aren't any readers. It'll give me a medium to express myself in, and that is a good thing. I've been wanted to document my findings for a while, and I can't really imagine a better place than here.

Alright, i'll go back to stalking my thread, and finish my silly design for a website, in school.

Take care!

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