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Project planning

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So I guess it's about time to create the battle plan for how and when different components of the game should be ready and in which order I hope to create them.

I'm still new to this entire game development so I'm just going to start somewhere where I think it makes sense and see where it takes me. I can always go back some steps and recreate parts of the game.

And now! To the planning stations:

Project DB 0.01
- The focus of the first release is simple. When the game is launched the player should be presented with a login screen that prompts the user for a user-name + password/pin-code
- The user will then have to type in a user-name + password/pin-code that will be checked up against a text-file. If the user information checks out the game should create a Player object and give it to the player + start drawing the map.
- All you can do in game at the moment is move around in a slightly weird fashion. Both the view-port and the player moves and there is some bugs here and there.

Project DB 0.02
- For the second version I would like to fix some of the graphical parts of the game. Or to be more precise the part the user can see as they log in. To understand the current problem I'm going to explain it bit more.
- With the prev release the game resolution is 640 x 480. But the "game world" consists of 40x40 tiles with each tile being 32x32 pixels. 32 * 40 = 1280 pixels. Meaning that not even half the game world can be viewed at the game time. The idea is that only the part of the map any player can see at any given time is the part being drawn which hopefully will help lower the cpu and gpu cost. (Seeing how the map is currently being drawn/rendered using some code that I just picked up and edited slightly to get it to work with my game I don't really know at this point if thats actually the case. Therefore I want to rewrite those parts in this release.)
- So the idea is that if the player presses the Right Arrow Button instead of the character itself moving on the screen. Instead the map behind him will be drawn slightly differently. But when he reaches the edge of the map he'll start moving himself towards the edge until he hits it. There he'll just stand. And this applies in all directions, as long as there is "unseen" map parts in the direction the player is moving then we want the map to "move" on the screen instead of the player.

Project DB 0.03
- Now comes the hard part, I want to make this simple single player game into a multi-player game. Doing this early on since from what I understand a game has to be developed with multi-player support in mind. Going for the traditional server-client model.
- For the time being how I imagine the game is. The client part gets input from the player, sends it to the server and receives updated positioning and such in return. Then it draws whatever it has to draw using information from the server. This would first mean that the client gets the login information typed in from the client, then checks with the server if the info is correct. If its correct then I guess a Player has to be created on the Server side and some information sent to the client so that it knows what to draw.
- The client will then listen for input from the user, for the time being all the user can do is move in across the map. So I can imagine 1 out of 2 scenarios. Either the client gets the input and draws the map accordingly + sends the input to the server. The server will then calculate the position of the player and send it back as a means to verify if the player moved correctly.


The client gets the input and draws the map as it was that update logic. Then the server gets the input and runs update logic, sends new coordinates back to the client which then draws them. (Any input on this matter would be freaking awesome.)

- The goal of this release is to make this simple game available for multiple people at the time. They should all be able to see each other moving around the map but no interaction is possible.

The End

That should be more then enough to start off with. I'll most likely make several topics in the Game Development forums asking for specific problems with each release. Due to an job interview tomorrow I'll doubt I get any time to work on this tonight.

As always any input is more then welcome!

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13 December 2012 - 01:06 PM


- The user will then have to type in a user-name + password/pin-code that will be checked up against a text-file.

Stop right there and start using an actual database. You'll thank yourself later.


14 December 2012 - 03:20 AM
Will do. Time to refresh MySQL knowledge. Any ideas on how to implement it or any good tutorials on the subject?
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