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A little update

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Hey again! Haven't been alot of updates here the last weeks. I blame Xmas, New Years Eve and my GF for that. Anyhows, moving on!

While I haven't written any code lately I've still had the time to think, read and study different pieces of code. Doing this has made me realise two things.

1) My take on the development is not going to work and has to be reworked.
2) I need to use some time to get more intimate with Visual Studio 2010. Knowing what your IDE can do and cant do is amazing, seen so many neat tricks in the sources I've looked over that I just have to learn most of it.

But let's first talk about number Uno: I've been setting impossible goals. From now on my new goals are small simple things like "Rewriting the map class so that player movement works like it should" Also going to focus less on the final product for the moment.

About Visual Studio there are tons of features I know exist but don't know how to use. So going to browse some through the documentation and utilize the forum here to find out method of saving myself loads of time.

That's all for now. See you around!

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