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Update, Distraction and Change

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So, haven't been that many posts here as of lately. Once more going to try and change that but no promises. There is just to much fun information on the interwebs and it's all there for the taking.

Anyhow, I want to start with a quick update on what I've been up to since last time. (With the game I mean)
I realised that I need to get back to the drawing table (Figure of speech) Meaning that I have to figure out how I want the game organized and more importantly get some kind of structure with what classes and how they work in correlation with each other.

Got a wikisite up for that purpose. Still working on configuring it properly (Adding a few needed extensions and trying to make the infobox template work) When its somewhat done I'll post the link here.

Also going to set up another blog. A more broad aspect blog this time. A place to talk about more then just this project. Stuff like Game Reviews, my views on the world and events around us. Pretty much whatever pops into my head.

Oh and I think everyone should check out this cool site for learning how to code.

P.S: Alot of time has gone into the Wikipedia game that me and a friend enjoys. It goes like this. You pick a random subject then press random page. Then you got 7 clicks from there to get to the subject you choose.

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