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GeoBot5: Started

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Finally! Github repository link is ready. So probably most part of develoment will be done after a week, from March 17 - 24. I will probably get main part of bot in that days. But seems I have lot of work to do on it. Since now it must be constructed better.
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About geobot5

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So yesterday I have started developing geobot5, so the main reason was new things that I have learned with
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Processing tutorial: Writing simple timer application

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When I was browsing java-challenges, I have seen one interesting. Challenge was about Java GUI timer application. So I decided to do it using processing. I made tutorial about this but post it was disapproved. So I have posted about this in my blog.
Step One: Download processing...
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Finished my IRC bot

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About my IRC bot: "GeoBot4"...
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Getting location using IP in java

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I used this function in my IRC bot, for getting location and than getting weather with that. So I think about making something like tutorial about it.
First step: getting app key
At first what we going to do: get app key in ipInfoDB. For that just follow this...
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Making form automatically submit when file is selected

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Actually I get answer when wrote post in DIC, now I wanted to post about it in my blog.
Whatever what I did is:
  • Wrote simple html
  • Added jquery
  • And finally wrote JS code which will make all work

First step: Writing simple html

Just simple html code with <input type="file" />

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