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Cats be Gone

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Nothing to do with programming.

One day there were two kittens. No consultation, my live-in landlady just decided. What's their names? Rocky and Rosie. Silly names.

They were kept indoors, which seems a bit odd to me. We have a garden. Still, I suppose some people do consider that cats can be indoor cats.

Things started well. They were fed...
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In Too Deep?

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Occasionally someone will start a thread on a fairly sophisticated project. It is difficult to help. They will either post too little information, not appreciating that it is they that are totally immersed in their project, everyone else is totally reliant upon the information in their (short) post(s). Or, they will post their entire project, but...
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Exploring .NET Chart, a Pie Chart

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I have only occasionally played with the WinForms Chart Class...
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Python Iterator and Generator

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This isn't intended as a tutorial, just examples of an iterator and generator posted for ease of reference. Hopefully, the examples are clear enough that they will inspire you (and me) to investigate further.

They were originally posted in this thread...
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My Language Dabbling

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I occasionally dabble with other programming languages. (I am avoiding the term 'study' as I am already versed in a number of languages and don't currently have a need, or incentive, to study another to any great depth.)

We all start with one language but, at some stage, it is an important part of your education to study another...
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My Word, Auto-Complete

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I started to write some notes in MS Word. When writing notes on technical subjects there are quite a few words that are repeated often, sometimes long or challenging words. I got side-tracked and decided I wanted an "auto-complete" feature, so that I could type just a few letters and press, for example, Ctrl-Space and have the word...
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Matched Brackets (Java/C#)

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Problem: Check a string to see if brackets are correctly matched and don't overlap. Every opening bracket must have a matching closing bracket and these brackets mustn't overlap; so "(hello [there) you]" is wrong, overlapping.

I like the way a stack is used to solve this and decided to revisit it.


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Very important, a title is.

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I've spoken about question titles before...
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Progressive Testing

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We very often have peope post a wall of code with no idea why it isn't working. There are important concerns here about knowing how to test and debug code, and decipher error messages. However, it is even more important for people to understand that they should be running and testing their code at the earliest opportunity, and frequently...
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Basic SQL Knowledge

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It surprises me how often we encounter people who do not know how to join two tables together in a single query. People seem to find just enough information to create a table, to define a primary key, and to write a simple SELECT query based on the table. They do not read beyond this basic knowledge.

I suppose we could blame the internet to an...

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