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Very important, a title is.

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I've spoken about question titles before, but that won't stop me talking about them again.

Here is a selection from a random day:


Whats wrong with my codes?
Please help me to fix my codes?
Need help fixing a debug error

These tell us absolutely nothing about the question or problem. They are meaningless. They do not encourage people to visit your question, as the natural assumption is that the question itself will also be poorly written and vague.

Some might consider that the third title is marginally better than the other two, as "debug error" is (very slightly) more specific; but, as it turned out, the OP didn't post the error details anyway, so it's just as poor.

Take a minute or two to provide a title that has some relevance to your question or problem. "I couldn't think of one" is not acceptable. Besides, this effort is important because it will also help, and encourage, you to more clearly formulate your question.


While Loop

This is a (very) slight improvement but still poor. Often with titles like this, and in this particular case as well, the question itself has little to do with writing a while loop (it was to do with calculating an average test score).


help with errors/random number generator

This is better, although the inclusion of the word "help" in a title is redundant. Some forums do not allow this word to be included in the title, forcing the OP to make more of an effort. It's use is acceptable here though, just about.


Checking rows and columns in 2d arrays. Help!

This is much better, but "Help!" should be removed.


how to add an array of integers from a user

This is better, but starting the title with "how to.." shouldn't be allowed. It adds nothing and can always be removed.


Can i create a database that would be filled with my entered strings?

Good, although could probably be shortened a little. This hints at another issue though, which is people attempting to write their entire question in the title. It's a title, a short description, not the question itself.


Can't get a response at CORS request

This is good, the best of the bunch I looked through.

The effort you put into your question's title, and the question itself, is time well spent. Not only will you be more likely to get responses, but the effort you make will clarify your question and problem in your own mind, sometimes even leading to you discovering the solution for yourself! Or, at least, moving you nearer to a solution.

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11 November 2015 - 09:24 AM
I stop reading at codes. Codes are a collection of code. It is not a collection of code. It is not a multiple of codes.

"a system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols substituted for other words, letters, etc., especially for the purposes of secrecy"

Multiples of code requires that it is multiple systems. It is not in these questions.


11 November 2015 - 09:29 AM
Here are some examples with proper titles:

Mr. Whats wrong with my codes?
Miss Please help me to fix my codes?
Sir Need help fixing a debug error
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