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In Too Deep?

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Occasionally someone will start a thread on a fairly sophisticated project. It is difficult to help. They will either post too little information, not appreciating that it is they that are totally immersed in their project, everyone else is totally reliant upon the information in their (short) post(s). Or, they will post their entire project, but the question (if there is one) isn't focussed enough for someone to assist. (They should also provide links to articles that they themselves are referencing, rather than leaving the reader to trawl for this information.)

Often, unfortunately, it becomes apparent that the OP has pursued their project without covering all the fundamentals of their language or framework, etc.. They are in too deep and won't recognise the advice to step away from it and fill-in the important/essential details and knowledge that they lack.

Ideally, they should first have a solid foundation in programming, and be comfortable with the framework or libraries (or just the features of the language) that they are using. As they get deeper into their project they should ensure that their overall understanding keeps pace with the depths that they are reaching. Consequently, when they realise that they've moved a step too far, they should take a step away from their project and undertake some independent trials and study, before resuming. I recognise, however, that this is an ideal, and they/we will often find we've moved a few steps too far! This means that we need to take a few steps back.

Given the above ideal situation, then it should be easier to receive help by providing a clear, and focussed, question, with relevant links, screenshots, and code fragments.

Of course, even with a focussed question, it is likely that it will take a while for a response, probably waiting for someone who is familiar with the framework/libraries, and/or has been involved in a similar undertaking. Such a person may be willing to take a look at the entire project, but this should not be assumed, or expected. With something very specific to a framework though, it may be more suitable to post on a dedicated forum (for the framework or library).

As with any question, it is about having reasonable expectations, and providing clarity.

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