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Tutes and Snips

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Not too long ago I surpassed 5000 Dream Kudos, whe'hay! That's over 100 tutorials and snippets contributed. This is a good enough reason to create a blog.

I really enjoy writing tutorials. I take pride in my work and I strive to be as clear, and accurate, as I can. It is extremely helpful to me as well. It helps cement, and encapsulate, my understanding. A good acid test is that there are a number of my tutorials that I use for reference myself.

I am most often inspired to create a tutorial or snippet from posts here @DIC. It might be a question that is asked fairly often and I struggle to find a good, single, resource or example to refer people to. Or just something that is missing, and I think would be useful to have, in our Tutorials or Snippets sections.

Why not consider contributing yourself? Is there something you are comfortable explaining? Something that would be a useful addition to the existing collection of tutorials/snippets?

Read the "Submitting Tutorials?" links first though (at the top of the relevant sections). Importantly, we are against:

  • Contributions that are a re-hash (or straight copy) of something that is readily available, such as from the MSDN docs
  • Poorly written, i.e. difficult to read and follow, contributions
  • Contributions that don't work!

Be creative, and contribute to the community! Earn big respec' !

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