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1 Bricked Laptop

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The screen of my laptop has decided to give up the ghost, strange though it happens after the warranty has run out.

Just typing away and the blackness descends.
Thoughts it may have over heated, so left it to cool down (8Hrs) - Nope
Turn it back on a not a sausage.

So I sent off an email to the manufacture tech support.
So I tell them...
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Huge Tract Of ...

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Today I decided to buy the two 22'' wide-screen LCD monitors (Edge10 W223 to be exact) i've been look at for a while now.
Total Cost 238! :^:...
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Decided to learn a new language.

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Today i decided to venture into the land of a new programming language.
Picking C#
First comments.
Its case sensitive and it likes its braces. (Too many)
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Helpful Books

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I've found this book helpful when learning
The Smart Beginner's Guide To Visual Basic 2005 Express
It's not like most programming in not being too wordy and the pictures and image help explain the concepts.

For a more in depth book
Visual Basic 2005 with .NET 3.0 Programmer's Reference

I used to have the visual basic...
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Dots & Boxes

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Heres a simple game i made.
Dots & Boxes
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Snippets Modications

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Modifications to;
Fade In
Fade Out

The mods allow the routines to be placed in a module.
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Welcome to The Madman Scribblings

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May as well start one, it's going to contain
Coding My snippets, examples and general coding stuff
Scribbling Quirky stuff and things I like and do. My Photos etc

I hope find it both informative and a laugh.

Excuse sometimes the spelling and grammar.
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