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Project: VS Quick Look

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You every had that problem where you are looking for a particular piece of code, but you can't find the project it was in. Are they all named a derivation of WindowsApplication?? or ConsoleApplication??.

Tired opening each possible one in Visual Studio, and it (VS) take ages to loadup.

Then I have the program to assist you.

VS Quick Look

Attached File  VS Quick Look(0-0-0-1).zip (419.82K)
Number of downloads: 130
Archive was created using 7-Zip.
Application need .net 4.0 (or higher)

Extract the contents of the zip.
Attached Image

Note: The Application File requires the folder to be in the same location. (Planning to remove this requirement in a future version)

Double-Click the VS Quick Look icon (The Green Book)
Note: It uses the WebBrowser Control so some Security Programs may question it. (Only Local addresses used).

When run you see the VS Quick Look window.
Attached Image
The Panel on the left contains a tree of the Solutions the program has found so far.
(Currently Only in the locations MyDocuments/Visual Studio 2010/ and MyDocuments/Visual Studio 2008/)

Attached ImageAttached Image
Clicking on a location, opens a branch containing all the Solutions in that location.
Attached Image
Clicking on a Solution, opens a branch containing all the Projects in that Solution.
Attached Image
Clicking on a Project, opens a branch containin all of the Code Files (at the moment) in that Project.
FileNames that are colored RED indicates that the file is referenced in the project but doesn't exists at the referred to location.

Finally clicking a File, renders the contents inside the right-hand panel.
Attached Image

Note: You can explore the contents of the tree as VS Quick Look searches. Which is quick on my 2 Core 2GB Windows Vista laptop, more cores will help..

VS Quick Look is written entirely in, and the Syntax Highlighting is provide via Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighligher.

Please download and try out this version.
Attached File  VS Quick Look(0-0-0-1).zip (419.82K)
Number of downloads: 130

I welcome your Feedback, Suggestions and Bug Reports. (You can attach them as a reply to this post.)

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