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Added a couple more NuGet Packages (FormatProviders & exts & Transparent Controls)

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I've add a few more of my contributions from my snippets and blog as NuGet packages.

Format Providers

This provides a few new additional format providers, based of my blog post Custom Format Providers

Example of BoolFormatProvider
 Dim value = True
 Dim bfp As New BoolFormatProvider()
 Console.WriteLine(String.Format(bfp, "{0} io:{0:io} yn:{0,yn}", Value))

Example of FP_Integer_AsWord
 Dim value = 123456
 Dim bfp As New FP_Integer_AsWords()
 Console.WriteLine(String.Format(bfp, "{0} asWords:{0:words}", Value))

There a few other cover the number types.
  • FP_Long_AsWords
  • FP_Decimal_AsWords
  • FP_Double_AsWords

Eventually it'll cover all of them.
As I made them simple to write, by making them inherit a generic common base class. Then override a single function, insert the already written extension methods.


Is a collection of extension method that I find really useful.

  • Queue
    • .DequeueForEach

  • Ranging
    • .To

  • IEnumerable
    • IEnumerableExt
      • .Exclude
      • .Indices
      • .Pages
      • .RollUp
      • .Section
      • .Thumb

    • Conditionals
      • ._If
      • ._IfElse
      • .DoEach
      • .Whilst

  • Functional
    • .Fix

  • Dates
    • Useful Dates
      • ChristmasDay
      • ChristmasEve
      • BoxingDay
      • NewYearsEve
      • NewYearsDay
      • Halloween
      • BonfireNight

    • Exts
      • .CountWorkDays
      • .IsA

  • Comparisions
    • .IsAfter
    • .IsBefore
    • .IsBetween
    • .SwapWith

  • Collections
    • .DoesNotContain
    • .IsNotContainedIn
    • .ItemisedString

Have you written an Extension Method, that you want add to Exts Package? If so I'll add it under a namespace of your username (where the naming conventions allow) and give credit to you.

Transparent Controls
The following controls are available
  • TransparentTextbox
  • TransparentButton
  • TransparentRichTextbox

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