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Overridable Default Values For Null?

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Overridable Default Values For Null? (Title is a link for more details)

Suppose we had the ability to express nonnull reference types in .net T!.
So there should be a way to express a default value, when null is assigned to a nonnull, since null is an illegal value for a nonnull.

The base class of all .net object is modified to have a new overriddable method default
To remain compatible these are override in Structure and Class return the current default<T> or null
[i]Special cased in the compiler/runtime to allow null in this override [i]

Now for your class to support nonnull-ability it has to override the current inherited implementation of Default.
nonnull class ObjT
  static _default : ObjT! = New ObjT()
  overrides default () : ObjT!
    return _default_ /* One potential implementation */

T! x = null ; /* x = T.Default */

What are you thoughts about having this ability in .net?

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13 August 2014 - 02:15 AM
Have you considered writing a language? I know it's a big undertaking but a lot of your blogs are improvements, hacks and workarounds for existing languages.


31 August 2014 - 07:54 PM
cfoley I have but it not easy. I'm looking at the Roslyn stuff. Currently using it the create Diagnostics and code fixes.
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