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Helpful Books

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I've found this book helpful when learning
The Smart Beginner's Guide To Visual Basic 2005 Express
It's not like most programming in not being too wordy and the pictures and image help explain the concepts.

For a more in depth book
Visual Basic 2005 with .NET 3.0 Programmer's Reference

I used to have the visual basic 5 Instruction book from Microsoft, it was about 3 inches thick and weighed enough to bow the shelf it was on. Donated it to the college, as they didn't have good selection of up to date book.

When I first start a program it usually begins with pencil and paper / on the white board, to work out the basic structure.
On bigger project I create small throwaway programs to test out ideas, then integrate into the main project.

Best Tips Learn how to use the debugging features (Breakpoint, Jump Over , Jump Back, etc) and practice, practice, practice.

If all else fails post your problem on <\Dream.In.Code> and I help out as much as I can.

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