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Game Development Diary #1

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Dear Dia-- just kidding!

But seriously, today I embark on my most ambitious programming project to date, with quite
a few goals in mind.

First, I want to develop in a component based manner, much similar to agile development.
The steps for each component of development will be: Research, Design, Code, Test, Review.
I believe this process will lend it well to keeping development moving forward without losing
attention to details. By breaking the tasks down into much smaller tasks, the mental hurdle
to finish should be much more manageable.

Secondly, I want to educate myself on the various areas of game programming,
these include AI, Networking, Basic Collision Detection, Graphics, iOS Deployment. I should note that I have
taken a couple of computer graphics courses, however, these were talk using the old fixed function
pipeline, so there will be many habits for me to break.

The first component I am working on is my underlying memory system. This endeavor may turn
out to be frivolous, but it will be a learning experience none the less. I will be designing a static
object pool for object allocation and deallocation. The purpose of this is rather simple, in a fast
paced game, as mine will be, there will be a large number of rapid constructions and destructions
of enemy objects. So, instead of consistently calling into malloc or new, the game will handle
objects on its own. This is preferable on embedded systems, such as mobile phones, because
operating system calls, such as malloc, are often very costly, so if we can limit it to one really large
malloc during the loading screen, we should be able to see a notable performance increase, in theory.

You may have noticed that I have said very little about the content of the game, this is in fact intentional.
I want to focus on the code and research done for it in this blog, it is after all dream in code. I will
give occasional visual updates of the game when possible. I hope you all found this enjoyable
and will keep an eye out for the next diary: Memory Management #1 Design

Until next time,

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