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Setting up my development environment for Linux from Scratch

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I'm going to go through the linux from scratch documentation here to learn more about how linux works and maybe even maintain my own little distro (we'll see).

I decided that I don't want to use a whole system just to setup a Linux from Scratch development environment so I decided to go with virtualbox and I went with Manjaro because it was only missing grep. Manjaro is a arch based Linux that is actually quite user friendly. I created a new virtual machine with 10gb of virtual hd (vdi) and 2gb of ram and went with openbox desktop just for something new. I downloaded all the files and did the checks. I compiled grep and installed it from scratch and got guest additions to work so I can move my files between my host os (windows 7) and Manjaro. At the time of writing I am at this stage.

Here are a few tips about what I've done so far:

  • Read this at least up to item 8
  • Follow all their instructions to the letter (I've been bitten on this one a lot)
  • Make sure you know at least some basic linux terminal commands
  • The prerequisite .sh file doesn't transfer from windows right so try copying in linux and if that doesn't work hand type it like they say
  • Manjaro requires you to install guest additions through their add/remove programs in order for it to work correctly (don't forget to restart the virtual machine after!)
  • Manjaro cannot read exfat without installing fuse-exfat or exfat-utils I can't remember which. :/ (this includes shared folders that may be in an exfat partition)

I'll keep you guys updated on how things go.

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