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So, I'm thinking I should start doing a blog here on Dream in Code, but then the obvious question is "What should I talk about?" It seems like there are infinate options and pretty much all of them are boring. What could I write that people might be interested enough in that they would want to read what I have to say.

So after thinking about it, I've decided to blog on game programming algorithms. Now, some people who are new to programming and/or game programming may not know what an algorithm is, so I'll start there.

Basically, an algorithm is the "concept" of the code you are writing. An algorithm could maybe compared to a blueprint if code were a house. An algorithm is the code to make something happen, minus the code. It's the "concept" of the code. It's one step less specific than pseudo-code. You might show an algorithm in pseudo-code. Or you might actually code an algorithm in an actual programming language. The algorithm is the concept of what the code is doing.

So, I thought, "Hey! What about just explaining game programming algorithms to people. No specific language. No code. Just explain it at a conceptual and maybe mathematical level but probably not even going to the level of pseudo-code." Because once you have the concept, the code becomes so much easier no matter what language or platform you are using.

So, in that spirit, I'm creating this blog to share some of the algorithms that I know of at a conceptual level so that you can know that the algorithms exist, get a high level understanding before you try and go off and learn it in more depth, and have a starting point to go research these algorithms before you attempt to go code them yourself. Hopefully, if I do a good job, you will have almost enough to actually code it in your own way, in your own language and platform.

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