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Plankton version 1.0

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So, you know when you get bored at work and one thing leads to another... you start coding something fun, add a few options, revise it a bit and before you know it you've wasted a few hours, well Plankton was one of those moments. It's a small little program, not really a game, certainly not a simulator, just a... programming moment.

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Anyway, it's all written in WPF + C#. It's not a very well written program in the sense that it's essentially one window and all code is handled solely in the window. Performance could be improved not least by the fact the bubbles and plankton are all Shapes, probably should have gone the Visual or DrawingContext to avoid such a big overhead. Also, some bits of code in the main update method are repeated once or twice so a spot of refactoring is needed. Also, quick settings were a brand new thing and should have been their own class, but in the interest of simplicity for the scope of the project and other things that need doing they became just a enumeration and giant switch statement. So by no means perfect but a bit of fun on a rainy day anyway!

Do what you want with it... just keep my name in there please!

Download the Plankton executable

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