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wrong reason to be a computer science major

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When I asked a woman why her son had chosen computer science as his major, her reply was "Well he likes checking his facebook and being on the computer all day".

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update Fall 2010

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I will be starting my second year at the University of New Mexico. My major is BS Computer Science w/minor in Psychology. I am looking forward to finally taking a couple of CS classes. I have had enough of Physics and Calculus and am looking forward to this semester. Time management will be key in a successful semester for sure!

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Intermediate Programming

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I just started my first semester at the University of New Mexico.
Current schedule is:

1) Geology - Studying Earth
2) Intermediate Programming - Exploring Java in depth


1) Calculus
2) Spanish

I am totally psyched about learning more Java and getting a good grasp on Calculus. I took Calc I class last semester but passed with a C. I...
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Just working on building a web service in This .Net class is really cool! Well that is all I have for now. I feel myself needing to post a question pretty soon. :D
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how i lost 5 inches from waist

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Well in the past two years I have taken 5 inches off my waist. I have changed many things about my diet. First of all I don't eat much candy or sugary foods, no regular sodas (diet only), and I TRY to stay away from fast food. has some great homemade beef jerky, check it out! I eat lots of it!! Along with the...
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Don't want to sleep

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I am so consumed with my studies that I don't want to sleep. It's crazy. I have class at 11am. I really should get some rest. Been reading up on Java this morning.
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classes are going well

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Well I am off to my second week of school. So far it's going well. I finally setup a web server on my system so I can develop in ASP.NET. I am also using Netbeans 6.1 to code in Java. So far so good!! C++ is going well we had a small program that involved searching a text file for two names. no big deal. Just open the file, read, load...
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I sure do wish I could stay focused on one language. I am not an expert in any language and I find myself on DIC scattered and jumping from language to language. I am on overdrive. I have not wrote anything of significance but am working on a BINGO game for my parents. They are up there in age and enjoy that kind of stuff. I designed the board in...
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need to meet some other nerds

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School starts Monday and I am hoping to meet some other nerds I can network with. My classes are listed below. Hit me up if you would like to swap numbers/ info so we can use each other as a resourse. I will be atteding CNM Alb. New Mexico. I am enrolled in the Programming and Database Assoicate programs.

DB Design/SQL - M/W
C++ II ...
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