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how i lost 5 inches from waist

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Well in the past two years I have taken 5 inches off my waist. I have changed many things about my diet. First of all I don't eat much candy or sugary foods, no regular sodas (diet only), and I TRY to stay away from fast food. has some great homemade beef jerky, check it out! I eat lots of it!! Along with the jerky my diet includes many low to no fat milks, cheeses, salad dressing, yada yada. Many grocery stores include many low sugar and low fat foods. I eat a lot of protein, which keeps me energized throughout the day. Try to get some cardio in. Walk the dog, play a round of golf and don't rent a cart. Get a push cart only for your bag and push it, you will be amazed how much funner it is to play golf when you walk the course. My goal is a 30 waist. and am currently a 31. Anyhow I have to admit that since I have been programming a lot more, I get very little exercise. I find myself reaching for the nearest piece of food so I can get back to reading and writing code and checking out what's going on here on DIC. I do tend to do situps at night about 3 times a week. I dont have a six pack or anything just trying to stay somewhat lean. B) If you are going to sit in front of a monitor all day be sure to take a break and move around. Do some pushup, situps, curls, something. Get that blood flowing!!! Hopefully this helps if any of you were concerned about the fat piling on while geeking tooooooo much. If only I could stay away from Sonic..munchie heaven. :)

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