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[Pt 7] Eggs MessageBox

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This is going to be similar to the Cheese MessageBox Form. Create a new Form

Form (Cheese)
BackColor: Firebrick
FormBorderStyle: FixedSingle
Text: Eggs
Name: frmEggs
MaximumSize: 356, 145
MinimumSize: 356, 145
Size: 356, 145
ControlBox: False
SizeGripStyle: Hide
TopMost: True

As the Cheese MessageBox Form...
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[Pt 6] Cheese MessageBox

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Edited the Button sizes and Form Properties.
Added The Example Picture

Next Minor Form we are going to work on is one that is going to act like a Message box because Message Boxes are so limited.

Limitations of MessageBoxes
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[Pt 5] Change Form Layout

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First minor form is going to be for the Cash payment option on the Payment Form. It's supposed to be as if you are putting money into a machine and the machine is telling you how much you put in and how much more you need to put in.

Lets start off with making a new Form.

Form (Change)
BackColor: FireBrick
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[Pt 4] Payment Layout 2

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Lets start off by adding 3 GroupBoxes for the 3 payment options: Cash, Credit, Blitz

GroupBox (Cash)
Text: Cash
Name: groupCash
Location: 301,21
Size: 134, 144

GroupBox (Credit)
Text: Credit
Name: groupCredit
Location: 441, 171
Size: 179, 144

GroupBox (Blitz)
Text: Blitz Card
Name: groupCash
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[Pt 3] Payment Layout

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What? You thought that we were done with Form building? Well, sorry to let you down, but we have a few more Forms to make. Don't worry, none of them are going to be as tedious as the main form. Basically this Form...
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How interested are you?

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If you didn't know, I attempted to do this tutorial before. I had to stop because I felt like I wasn't doing it well and also barely had time. I feel that now I have a solid system so far.

The old blog is still up, and It has over 800 views (As of 9-20-16). To me that looked like a lot. I don't know if that's actually high or low....
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Expect Update

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I'm planning on posting the second and possibly last layout segment for the main form tomorrow
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[Pt 2] Main Form Layout 2

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We are going to add 4 GroupBoxes and 40 CheckBoxes. 10 in each GroupBox. The GroupBoxes are going to serve as a category and the CheckBoxes will be the contents.

4 Categories (Meat, Cheese, Topping, Sauce), 10 Contents to choose from for each category.

GOOD NEWS! You only have to make 1 GroupBox and 10 CheckBoxes.

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Since Highschool ended, I haven't been able to get access to a computer. I recently got a laptop over the summer which I was planning on using the laptop to restart the tutorial. Long story short, I couldn't so now I'm working on this tutorial at the college library. As oppose to High School VB class (45 Min), I'll have more time...
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[Pt. 1] Main Form Layout 1

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No coding for the first few parts. This will mostly be Laying out our Forms before giving them any functionality.

Start off with the Main Form.

Create a new project and one Form will already be ready for use.

Make the following changes to the Form

Backcolor: Firebrick
Text: Sandwich Builder

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