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So my project was creating a sandwich builder app where the user can create/customize a sandwich and given a price when finished. The project was originally going to be done with a database to store the prices and allow price edits. If you would like to use database and create a function to edit prices, thats up to you. Its do-able without database, but it will require you to either do a lot more coding or make certain things the same price.

I created an app the allows users to choose a bread and whether they want it toasted or not. (Does not affect the contents)
The user can choose up to 9 contents from 4 categories (Meat, Cheese, Toppings, Sauce) and choose up to 3 from each category.
Selecting anything from the Cheese category has the user choose how they want their cheese. (Sliced, Shreded, Melted)
When the user is finished with their sandwich, they continue to Payment.
There, the user chooses a form of payment (Cash, Credit, Blitz Card)

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