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Lexical Analysis - Required?

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If you have read any material on compiler creation then you know that there is essentially 2 phases of a compiler:
  • Front End
  • Back End

With both phases having multiple mini-phases. The front end will typically be comprised of a 3 mini-phases:
  • Lexical Analysis
  • Syntax Analysis
  • Semantic Analysis

So when I first wanted to see if I could parse an existing language(JSON), I followed the suggested mini-phase model. I built a lexical analyzer to convert the source into tokens and then built a syntax analyzer to convert the tokens into an abstract syntax tree. I skipped the semantic analysis phase because in JSON you do not have any type checking or variables.

Short Excitement
However, after the jubilation of making my first parser wore off I realized that I could make my code shorter by removing the lexical analysis mini-phase. So I did just that, I built only a syntax analyzer that worked with the literals inside of the source code rather than working with tokens. I found that the overall size of my code was much shorter and that the time it took to parse long JSON files was quicker too, though not by much.

Pushing the Envelope
I decided that since I built an expression evaluator a while back using the same model that I would try to build the expression evaluator without a lexical analyzer. I easily created a scannerless shunting-yard algorithm expression evaluator. However, I found that whenever it came to allowing for things like functions and variables that it was much more difficult without the lexical analysis mini-phase, though it could be done.

Pushing too Far
Since I have now made a scannerless JSON parser and scannerless expression evaluator I decided to try and create a scannerless parser for my own little domain-specific language. This is where I found that it was too much work to not use a scanner. I was running into more problems trying to skip the lexical analysis min-phase than it was worth.

Lexical analyzers are not required... but they do make things simpler for languages that have a more robust grammar. When you are creating a parser, you need to weigh out whether or not it is simpler to just implement a lexical analyzer and sometimes you won't know this until you've tried to make a scannerless parser for your need.

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