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The Journey Continues

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I've been super busy lately, but I managed to get started on a for fun side project titled "Martha". I am developing a Facebook bot using PHP (for now) to basically be my personal assistant;

- Google things for me
- Schedule Reminders for me
- Tell me upcoming appointments
- Save contacts to my GMAIL Contacts which will automatically update on my phone (as long as sync) is on.
- Be a secretary for my Facebook page, when I receive messages on there.
- and much more.

Things are definitely interesting with this. My first hurdle was to determine, exactly what I want it to do? Once I figured that out, I came to the realization; I need to figure out how to make this Bot pretty much understanding what you are saying to it, to an extent I'm willing to go as this is just a hobby learning project.

I achieved this so far by taking the message sent to Martha, and string comparing with the 5 w's and how. Figuring, if the 5 w's and how was in the message in anyway... It's going to be a question. If the message sent to Martha, passed the 5 w's and how test; Martha then string compares to see if a you is in the question. Allowing Martha to know if it's a direct or indirect question. HOWEVER, if it fails the 5 w's and how test; it is going to be a statement.

This is where I stopped coding for the night. From there, things are about to get interesting. I have to decide how to process and help Martha figure out exactly what is being said. I think I am going to do a few arrays with some key words. Run a multitude of merges, to determine the response.

For example of what I am thinking:

// The message = Hey, I'm devitgg. How are you doing Martha? \\

The message will pass the 5 w's and how check, then it will pass the direct or indirect check. Martha will decide this person is asking me something. Then Martha will go through the array merges...

Fast Foward ---

Array 1 hit with "how" while Array 2 hit with "you" and finally Array 3 hit with "doing". This will prompt Martha to say, "I'm okay, thanks and you?".

Anyways, I'm off to bed now!
Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, comments!

It's on github right now!

Feel free to contribute and follow!

P.S This is not proof read and I apologize about my grammar.
P.P.S I don't really apologize.

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    A Special Meme

    What is this blog feature? If I sat here and ranted about x, y and z. Are there people who read this stuff?

    Here is the situation, we are at the bar and offered $1,337,000,000 to play 1 round of Russian roulette?


    String theGun, 
                 youTheReader = People.getPerson(); 
          int    theBullet = 6,
                 loadedChamberNum = rand.nextInt(6) + 1;
          if(loadedChamberNum == theBullet){ 
                 theGun = "Fired, you are dead."; 
                 theGun = "Didn't fire, you are RICH!!";
         System.out.println(youTheReader + " puts a gun to their head, pulls the trigger and then their friend says, The gun " + theGun);

    I bet you 99% of people, would not do it once push came to.. well squeezing the trigger.

    Drop some knowledge, breh.