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First and Second Presentations of My Software

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I guess standing up in front of the public and making a live presentation of your software is a rite of passage for any software engineer. My first presentation did not exactly go well. It was before a philosophy club. I did not really want to do it because I knew that my software was not yet up to snuff but the department forced me to do it. It is true that I could have given a lecture about something else but in my opinion metaphysics is broke and the only lectures worth giving are solutions on how to fix metaphysics. I had to use software that dated all the way back to November since my current version is not yet working. I had to spend about 4 hours of time getting the old software working again and getting it ready for a public presentation. Consequently, I had to come up with some new parameters that I was not familiar with for the initial inputs. So the parameters I came up with were im 0 1 to test all of the sentences (I'm building a calculator which can calculate contradictions), im 4 0 to make sure all words are spelled correctly and then im 3 1 to input sentences that the audience wants me to calculate. I know it sounds enormously pathetic but when I tried to test all of the sentences I put in im 1 0 when I was supposed to input im 0 1. That is enormously sad but that's what happened. I could not remember the initial parameters. Luckily, I have my software posted online but it is much more cumbersome and difficult to show people what is going on. I was able to use that but it was much less persuasive. I then tried to take sentences from the audience and calculate them. I had a list of words and they were allowed to put them in any order which is grammatical and then I was supposed to predict whether the calculator would output consistent or contradictory. This also did not go well. They were sort of losing the ability to concentrate. I wanted them to give me 10 sentences but I could only get 3 out of them. In any case, I programmed my computer so that the first inputs all had to predict one truth-value and the other half had to output the opposite truth-value, this was designed to prevent me from just outputting a bunch of gobbledeygook with the word 'consistent' at the end, because let's face it, when I output the justification for one truth-value over the other, no one can understand the output, at least not immediately. I can probably sit down with someone over a five minute period and persuade them that the output is correct because the computer basically just uses substitutions and a few statement logic rules.

In any case, because I forgot to put the hashtag in my input, it was not working correctly. I had to use the online version where I can only calculate one sentence at a time. In any case, out of the three sentences that they asked me to calculate only one of them would have worked. Not very stellar. I'll talk about the second presentation later.

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13 March 2018 - 06:56 AM
... so no 'second' part?


21 March 2018 - 02:24 AM
Thanks for the interest. I have a third presentation coming up. So I'll just describe the second and third together.
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