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Building a random sentence generator

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I'm trying to build a random sentence generator now. When I get that built hopefully I will finally be able to have the public contribute meaningfully to my project. I want the public to hit a button and then the machine will output 10 random sentences and state whether the sentences are consistent, contradictory or ungrammatical. Since more than 99% of all random sentences are contradictions, I'm going to have at least 2 ungrammatical collections of words, 4 consistent sentences and 4 contradictory sentences for each set of 10. What I want the public to then do is state whether or not they agree with the machine's output. I also want to be able to get the public to input their own sentences but to do this I have to eliminate all the superscripts to words and I have to find some way to communicate in a pithy way which sentences are allowable and which aren't.

To do this I have to get the machines' understanding of grammar up to snuff. Philosophers are generally not interested in grammar though sometimes they are. For example, the Liar Paradox is probably the most popular philosophical problem in logic and some philosophers believe that grammar might have something to do with it. In any case, I tried reading the 1800 page Cambridge Grammar about 3 years ago and read about 300 of the pages. I wanted to get through the whole thing in about 4 months but gave up. Now, I'm returning to the problem of grammar and I've made a pretty strong breakthrough but as of yet I have not yet written code which can calculate the grammaticality of a sentence, so thinking you've made a breakthrough and actually producing software are two different things. I'm looking at the first 400 words of James Joyce's Araby and trying to calculate the grammaticality of each sentence in that text. Then I plan to change the order of one word in each sentence and test whether or not it is grammatical or not.

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