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First trial - Code to exploit a bug in webpage

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I was testing a web site and found a bug, when I press CTRL+F5, it performs a previous action, say if I click submit button for forgot password, which sends a temporary password. After the confirmation that a temporary password is send to the email,I press CTRL+F5 and repeats sends the reset password again.

This is just a ameature stuff, nothing...
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Importance of security testing

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This is not a hacking tutorial, this is more of idea sharing and the how careless programing practices can lead to security holes which are not apparent, and some of which are rather glaring and very silly, and even after suggestions they are not fixed. The below content is just some basic things I learnt and still learning and just wanted to...
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Code - Self certification

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Software Development Life Cycle
1. Requirements
2. Design High Level and low level
3. Code
4. Testing
5. Deployment
6. Maintenance
How does one cycle complete?

1. Developers are assigned requirements
2. Testers test the developed them and report bugs.
3. Developers fix them and testers retest them.
4. If the bug is fixed then it is closed,...
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Map for counter strike

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I started mapping using Source SDK using Hammer Editor for making a map for Left4 dead 1,first it was one map thing that I started, but then kept hitting a road block as in running out of ideas. But some how I made three maps, and stuck on the navigation part most of the times. I had problems building nav meshes, thought I followed tutorials and...
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The pouring water after the fire syndrome

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I usually love to take a shot at the people above me in the chain of command. After observing their behavior for quite some time, it hit me that these people wait till everything is done, and then pass comments and suggestions. Usually these comments and suggestions are like "this should have been done some other way" or ...
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