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Nonsense management

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There are certain chatacters in management that just can't keep quit, they have to dipress somebody or other, otherwise they just cna't digest the food they eat. Unfortunately I run into such characters at times, and right now I am at the receiving end what ever that means. Usualy I don't care a damm about such stupid characters, but this time it effected me and I am really disgusted. These characters don't have a damm clue hot to work, they just know how to look busy and kiss up, I can't say no more. I always wonder how such idots get in to companies and become bosses. Techinically they are zero, a big zero. Yea when it comes to doing other stuff like showing off, entertaining guests they are good. If I carried a whip like Indian Jones, I would have whipped them when ever I got a chance. I think these bad managers spread like Plague, may be I am too harsh, but that's how much I am boiled up. They don't work, but they want to become a hinderence and spoil the fun of working for others. I guess it is easy to run into such characters as they are easy to find around. If only such people didn't exist in a company, it would be such a pleasure to work in such a company. Imagine how awful it would be if a company had only such people, I guess the company would shuft down with in few days of its start up. Among these managers are those who cannot do anything against injustice, they can just talk and flare up, but cannot do anything but complain and ace their won feet, and aslo axe others too, what a shame.

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