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Map for counter strike

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I started mapping using Source SDK using Hammer Editor for making a map for Left4 dead 1,first it was one map thing that I started, but then kept hitting a road block as in running out of ideas. But some how I made three maps, and stuck on the navigation part most of the times. I had problems building nav meshes, thought I followed tutorials and tried step by step, I still couldn't get to make the nav mesh correctly. I couldn't do it because I didn't understand the process of nav mesh. I tired all the examples that I downloaded on a fresh map and made sure it worked and then implemented in the map that I was building, results were pleasing. Then I hit another roadblock, I couldn't get ideas to continue the map, I tried a few rooms and some concepts, but it never worked out. One day out of the blue, I just wanted to try making a counter strike source map, and within a day i made 2 maps, but never uploaded it though. Then I made another map which I submitted for approval, but it didn't get uploaded because it was just one room map. Then I made a bit bigger map, and I was glad it was approved. After building maps for Counter Strike Source, I began to understand the nav mesh stuff, how it works and how to build it, so now I am going back to the Left4 Dead and building the a map that I am stuck on to make my first campaign.

Though mapping is simple, but implementing the idea of making use the that the player(s) enjoy the map is tough one. If you make a map, and play test it, and feel good about it, but there is no way to tell if the player(s) will like it. The first map that I made was ok, but didn't feel bad that it was rejected, but gave me a idea on how to expand it. The second map that I made was approved, and uploaded. This gave me some encouragement. There are so many tutorials written by mappers, I should thank them all for posting those tutorials through this blog. If not for those tutorials I suppose I wouldn't have made an attempt to make a map. Not only make maps, I also had lot of help from the mappers for optimizing and compiling the maps. There are times when the compilation would seem to go on, and in the end I would get frustrated and stop compilation. But after going through the tutorials I got few hints and tips of optimizing the maps.

Making maps is actually very easy part, but to tell a story or purpose of the map is a bit tough. Be it a bomb diffuse or hostage rescue scenario, you map should have some kind of plot or story, some maps, I have realized that after playing for some time and make a few maps. I guess that is why some sites that accept the maps ask these questions, describe the map , how many players can spawn and also if you have included bot navigation etc.

Your map can be of any theme, make sure its realistic in that theme in the sense environment. If its a desert based map, make sure it looks like a desert or a forest make sure it looks like forest etc or a urban setting or a parking lot etc, realistic environment is very important for players to like the map. The map can be closed environment no problem or a combination of both, but the bottom line is that the players should enjoy it. Always make the map keeping other players in mind when you want to distribute the map, if you make a map for yourself make it the way you like it no issues, but when you want to distribute keep in mind other players. Put some alternative paths etc in the map. The approach area for the hostage rescue zone or bombing sites should have alternative approaches rather than just one approach area. Try to make it team neutral, some maps do have a team advantage i.e either to counter strike team or the terrorist team. I made such a map and the terrorist kept winning and its not fun. So I try to keep that in mind. Provide enough cover both the teams, before you get into the design portion of the map try to visualize how it would look while players play the map. Build portion by portion rather than the large portion at once. This way of the map does not compile after building the new you know where to look for problems. Make sure that you maintain the scale factor, other wise the players will look tiny.
(Will update this soon)

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