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I write macros for a living. Macros are good, but how long can you write them, and hwo different can one macro than other, manipulating cell values, check some values in the cells, or find some values, some formula, some loop, or get last row, or column, its kind of limited in application that's the point I trying to get across here. In the almost 1 year, all I have done is understand some code that is already written, try to repair it, done some new programs, but everything is almost same kind, nothing new. It is like you have the same nuts and bolts, but it is a different car with a different paint or different custom parts. I try to check on the net the various kind of application enhancements that excel can take, but again looking at the code it would all boil down to cells and rows and formulas, loops. VBA is kind of limited in scope when compared to other programming languages, yet it is kind of vast in itself. More than any thing, doing coding in VBA for about year makes me feel that I am saturated. It is so easy to learn, just few logical statements here and there, anybody can learn it. I feel that it doesnít take any thing special to write code in VB or VBA. It is very simple to learn and write code. Thatísí the reason I decided to get away from VBA and VB, I started learning C#, and it is really interesting and it is not tough to learn if you good in basics of C++. All these years I guess I did a mistake of concentrating on VB and VBA, now its time to shift gears and dive into C# and do some nice cool programs. What I come to realize is that, may be not the first programmer to realize, doing a complex database program isnít that satisfying as writing a program to control the system

back to work, and back to this blog in some time

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