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The Involuntary University Student

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Well i feel i really have not made use of this blog enough, considering how dam good this site and its members are; i cannot see a reason as to why i shouldn't engage in the hope someone finds my experiences of worth. I think an idea might be to track my study and progress by blogging weekly or twice weekly on my learning experiences and reflexions of life as my mentality, outlook and philosophy changes. I am a prospecting engineer. As those in the arts would say, engineers are rather dry and insular with their humor, generally not outspoken except amongst peers. So here is my chance to speak out and disprove that somewhat, well lets see.

So i am studying a degree in Australia for Software Engineering and am working hard at completing it in reasonable time. I am an older student, i spent a few years at another university straight from school. I studied Science and began heading down the road with Physics in my sights. It was mid way through i realised that although i thoroughly enjoy the head fuck that physics represents itself as to a layman; revelations cascaded and i realised as i was moving into third year that I truly didn't want this for the rest of my life. My ultimate ambition was to be a medical doctor, i decided that quite frankly that i had been around enough disease, death and suffering. The last thing i wanted was that kind of life, despite its upbeat times. My hat goes off to doctors, i recognised my lingering lack of yearning and identified the changes in my philosophical views about life in a holistic composition of parts before heading down that path. I have no doubt i could do it if my mind was willing, however as is the lucid nature of life; ones views tend to change and you should embrace that.

Immediately based upon my decisions not to continue and complete something for sake and nothing more, i took time; landed a crap job in a factory doing all the odds and ends. Typical flunky, yet not as i always intended on returning refreshed with new prospects. I worked and spent those years experiencing life as normal, i did some travel, spent money, spend the drinking and partying out of my blood making sure i experienced the pits of life. I am a firm believer not enough people do this, there is simply too much emphasis on education, particularly here in Australia. A situation arises where there are a million pencil pushers to a few wee yobby's.

Everyone becomes a self certified expert, an inflammation of the insidious migration of a typically manual labor force to the professional realms. We now have a bunch of preamadonna's leaving universities lacking real life experience; green as they come, propped up and preprogrammed. Wearing an attitude they are owed everything because they have spent a few years sleeping under tree's reading books, taken charge of group work of five people or less.

I as an older student can see so many people at university that simply don't want to be there. I struggle to make all my classes admittedly, if i lived next door i wouldn't. These kids are just not engaged in the work, no passion. I mean i am in classes with a bunch of geeky guys who are doing software, computing and IT, yet when given a task in terms of assignments they don't jump at asking questions or completing it that day. I know i did, bar a few. Why are they there, is it the parents. I know mine pushed the doctor thing a lot, thats why i continued on for a year longer than i should have, after all we all owe it to our parents to at least stick a decent amount of crap out. They were the ones who have tested our interests all our lives; sports, social groups and schooling. So is there too much pressure on young people, after all the dropout rates are massive for first years. My contention is there is simple information overload for the youth of today, of course you get those with the capacity and aptitude, as a group however i firmly believe they are worn out by the time school ends, University is simply a world away from secondary school, leaving our HSC in its wake.

All these years of tasting, testing and perservering and finally i find something i love and succeed at, my lowest mark to date is High Distinction, not because i am smart, simply because i am passionate. Let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks simply because they are bright that they will succeed. You will not, infact if you are bright you may be grappling with similar conflictions as i did. The pressure to maximise your abilities academically verses the self interest to do something you are passionate about, let me just recommend the passionate path with lack of compromise. Humans beings are passionate, we are not robotic as of yet and the only pathway to being happy in life is achieved by undertaking the pathway you choose to. Don't let peers, relatives or parents push your hand. Just remember this short verse I know which way the wind is blowing, however i will set my own course. Then cast off, be free of regret.

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