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Life gets in the way

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Why does life get in the way of becoming the most evil mastermind taking over the world one .jar at a time?

I've been offline for DAYS (weeks?) with a linux laptop that had its software soul destroyed by a driver update (ACPM?) attempting to get accurate battery life information from Ubuntu. After updating the battery monitoring gadwidget my net adapters quit working. When I removed the battery monitoring app it turned my laptop in to a brick; a brick that I almost kicked across a parking lot more than once. The most bizarre part of the whole thing was that after hosing my hard drive with an interrupted partitioning while reloading Ubuntu... the install dvd would no longer work. How does that happen with a stand alone boot/load dvd? As far as I can tell it isn't really a bootable disc image that Ubuntu provides but is somehow tied in to a working file system on the HD. I tried for a couple of days to reload Ubuntu with the same DVD I've used on several occasions but it froze or errored out every time.

I've decided that Linux (Ubuntu at least) may be the best advertising for Mac. And you have no idea how much it hurts me to say that. Here is my impression of some recent computing history:

Linux - Heathkit do it yourself OS, will self destruct for random bizarre reasons
Windows - Pull your pants down on the busiest corner downtown, start picking up cigarette butts and hope you don't get molested
Amiga - innovative computer hardware and software design, packaging unbelievable bang for the buck
Mac - copy Amiga's model, make the most stable computer available and charge 10x what it's worth.

So I've rolled my laptop back to W7. The windows 7 load DVD is actually a stand alone boot/load disc and will still boot a system with a corrupted HD unlike Ubuntu... I can't even offer meaningful speculation on what those dev's are thinking.

W7 in the past ran like a 3 legged dog on my HP lappie but better than the 2 legged Vista lapdog it was previously. I went with a 64bit W7 load, maybe 64bit will be the silver bitbullet that will solve my laptop woes. We'll see.

On top of all that craptop fun I actually started a new job! Yes! Some day in the next couple of weeks I will receive my first paycheck of 2011. I plan on making that payday a celebration day and treat everyone in my domicile to some form of redneck level dinner out or a celebration popsicle or SOMEthing!

I'm working at a new casino in the 'cage' as a cashier rather than anything I.T. related but we'll see what opens up in the future. Finding any job in Michigan is a rather daunting task so I'm happy for anything right now.

One day in the near future in a galaxy really really close I will get my development platforms reinstalled and continue my plan for world domination via JAVA. Stay tuned yo.

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