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Mirroring SSL Kafka Clusters with Brooklin

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Linkedin was the birthplace of Apache Kafka. Last year they also open sourced a project called brooklin...
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Ingesting Prometheus Remote Write Data Into Your Apache Camel Flow

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Building on the last two posts, we'll now ingest this Prometheus data sampling into Apache Camel...
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Prometheus Remote Write Part 2

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In the previous post...
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Prometheus Remote Write with non Go Languages

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Prometheus is a time series database. I am currently using Prometheus with Kafka, having the jmx agent expose beans for Prometheus to ingest with Grafana for visualization. It's great, but temporary. Prometheus is designed to be an ephemeral cache and does not try to solve distributed data storage. To that end, Prometheus provides a ...
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Remote Profiling with JMXMP

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I had an issue earlier this week where I needed to remote profile a java process, but it was not using the standard(?) RMI protocol. Some intense googling later, here are the obscure, but simple steps to get this working.

RMI requires two ports to communicate, whereas JMXMP only uses one. You'll need to port forward/tunnel that remote port to...
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Exporting HTML To PDF

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Exporting part of a webpage to PDF is a solved problem, but it took some digging to find the simplest solution that just worked.

Several hours of googling and trying out snippets here and there, here is the sequence that led to success:

1. html2canvas

This library worked well, but for a single div element it generates a single giant image that...
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HP Instant Ink

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is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever have the misfortune of coming across.

I was at my parents house and they asked me to replace the ink cartridge in their printer. Great, easy task! Open the package, not really noticing that it said HP Instant Ink. Plug it in and bam, the printer says on its little screen "...
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Yes it's Free, But Still...

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I'm not entirely sure if I have complained about this yet, so here we go. Back in 2009 the blog system here at DreamInCode did not have a way to upload images (or if there was, it eluded me at the time). I then uploaded images I had made for a few of the first data structure blog posts to Photobucket. These images had been up since 2009ish....
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Apache commons-io and filesystems

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Software is hard. When writing a Java program, you're already so far up the Jenga tower that is a modern computing system that when a lower brick causes you to question your sanity, it's something else.

It is possible for the file metadata to be updated before the file payload is updated accordingly. Let that sink in.

Consider a...
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Max Euclidean Distance Part III: Bearing Angle

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Part I
Part II

It turns out I was incorrect at the end of part II. There is in fact a polynomial time algorithm for this problem:

Courtesy of ishkabible and this question.

The algorithm is as follows:


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