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Over-Analysis Episode 1: Repo Men

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A Brief Foreword

I am often told I "over-think" things. Which is both a blessing and a curse in the Computer Science realm. In celebration of this talent, I am starting a new mini-series: Over-Analysis, in which I will dutifully over think, over analyze, and generally tear apart movies, blogs, code, shows, whatever.

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The Case for Brevity

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I'm often told that responses I provide (both here at Dream.In.Code and in "real life") are short and as a result, often come off as rude or terse. Allow me to reassure you that [most of the time]...
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Do It The Hard Way, At Least Once

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We often get threads asking if one language is "easier" then another, if a language makes programmers lazy, or if a language has too much abstraction. By and large the answers to these questions are no. However, the benefits they provide may be lost on an individual if the underlying concepts are not understood.

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An In-Depth Look At Binary Search Trees

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Author's Note:...
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An In Depth Look At Linked Lists

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There are quite a few threads nowadays asking for assistance with linked lists. I find that the majority of these questions/problems/complications stem from a lack of understanding of the data structure itself. Why? Because (and this could just be me here) coding something is a non issue if I've worked out how the algorithm works, how the data...
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