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New Build

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All of my hardware at home is quite outdated. It is time for a new build.

I have the following making its way to my door courtesy of the good people of Newegg:

Intel i7-4770k Haswell
ASUS z87 mobo
Samsung 256GB SSD
Geforce GTX 780
27" LED monitor

Ohhhh boy, it's going to be smoking. Develop and play all the things!...
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Shadowrun Returns: Initial Impressions

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I kickstarted this project last year and as a fan of the tabletop, I was excited.

Image reduced in size...
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Ticket to Ride Helper App: pre Alpha release

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Alrighty then. After much floundering about (diminishing returns on programming achievement apparently decrease rapidly for me post 11 PM), I have the initial cut of the algorithm that underlies this application. For the introduction and cities flat file, see this previous post...
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Ticket to Ride Helper App: Laying the Groundwork

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If you haven't played Ticket to Ride...
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Behold My Inner Nerdary

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I've been meaning to do this for a while now. Over a year in fact. Fellow Skyrim players, you remember that fine map that came with your game purchase (digital aside)? I had it framed:

Behold the awesome!

Is it in my living room? Yes.
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A Late Night Ruby Snippet

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You ever run across a problem that you just say, "why?" And then you had to write a quick snippet to solve it?

This was mine as I was doing my near midnight DIC browsing. [Hey ooooo!]

Behold, a solution!

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Semantic Analysis is the Devil

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Or How To Think of Every Edge Case Ever.

Currently taking a compiler class and on the semantic analysis stage. I have this here Abstract Syntax Tree based on some code I have determined to be syntactically correct. Now I get to see if the author of said code was a dumbass. We're using a subset of C, C- (C-, that's one minus) which is C...
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Kickstarted about a year ago, I picked up myself a copy yesterday. The basic premise is simple, you are a survivor and you have to kill zombies while making your way to some objective.

Hot damn, this is a fun game...
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Pandora One

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In early October I was raging against the machine that was the free Pandora mobile app. One particular quote of importance:

My pants are on fire. I took the dive (3 bucks a month, couldn't be that bad right?).


Pandora One's performance and stability as a mobile app is great. The stark contrast between the two apps almost...
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Universal Turing Machine in Ruby

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I usually don't do multiple posts per day, but once I got the white-board, I just started crushing some code (brah) and had to share. As seen in the picture, I had outlined how I wanted to implement a Turing Machine ( TM ) in Ruby. I have since expanded my initial concept into a Universal Turing Machine...

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