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Poor Prerequisites and Followup

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As a recent college grad looking for that "first job", I'm amazed at the number of listings that require 'X' amount of years in a language as a bare minimum requirement. The loose correlation appears to be that the longer one has used a language, the better they are at it.

Why is that the predominant mentality? ...
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Password Validation in Java via Regex

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I had never used Regex before, so I decided to put together a little app using it in Java.

What do passwords typically "require"?

  • Lower case letters
  • Upper case letters
  • Digits [numbers]
  • Symbols
  • A certain length
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It's Getting Progressively Worse

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An email I received earlier today:

Some thoughts:

The usual crap, misspelled words, poor grammar, etc... but I'm particularly fond of the FBI cyber crime department twist. It appears [you, the recipient] have been in contact with some nefarious people so we'll help you get some money; all you have to do is send us $260 after...
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An In-Depth Look at Hash Tables

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For other structures see here.

Hash Table


A visualization:

Image reduced in size...
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Follow Friday 5-21-10

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Right off the bat, I did not come up with this concept myself. I was inspired by @BenAlabaster. Rather then tweeting #FF people, I could make a single blog post which would allow for more robust descriptions of why one should follow my recommendations of individuals to follow in the twitterverse ...
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Code "Guessing"

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We've all done it. It's almost a rite of passage, but it needs to stop. Guessing at code means you've abandoned all paths of knowledge and logic and are now flailing hopelessly at some code.

Case in point, pointers. Who hasn't seen a error message like this?

There used to be a time, for all of us, where we'd start...
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America's Greatest Issue

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This is not a political post, so please return your underwear to the untwisted position.

I've been doing some part time work for the local school district and on occasion, I finish all of my work "ahead" of time. I then go to see if there is anything else that needs to be done. More often then naught I get released early simply...
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A 'C' Myth Dispelled

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Less then five minutes ago, the following was uttered on the forum:


Everyone, everywhere, this is not factual, but oddly enough, widely permeated. Yes C can be cryptic, yes C can be low level, but that does not, I repeat, does not, give one permission to write code that looks like something off of an ancient Egyptian wall....
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What is Up With Code Dump?

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Hey look, the title rhymes. Now that I have your attention, what is the deal with code dump nowadays? Considering we (a la programmers) spent an exorbitant amount of time reading and understanding code...
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Frequently Asked Programming Questions - Part I

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We get a lot of programming questions here. They come in waves; they come in packs. The analytically minded among us have noticed patterns among threads (start/end of a semester, extra credit, AP tests, etc...). There are also a lot of "repeats": the exact same question, a variation on that question, or a permutation imposed by the giver...

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