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Max Euclidean Distance Part II: Subsets

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Continuing from the previous post, we now look at optimizing the algorithm for determining max euclidean distance from the origin:

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Max Euclidean Distance Part I: Brute Force

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Another interesting problem that eventually got locked.

You are on a 2D graph starting at the origin (0,0). Given n vector movements (x,y), what is the max euclidean distance...
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Maximum Common Range of k Intervals Given N Intervals

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This thread (help vampiracy aside) had a very interesting problem:

Given N intervals [a,b] and a number k, find the maximum common range of any k intervals.

This sounds like a computer science problem!

Some solutions to this problem space involve Interval Trees...
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Ticket To Ride Helper App: Tech Demo

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I originally came up with this idea over four years ago and after writing the shortest path algorithm, it fell off my radar, I got bored, so on and so forth. I got a wild hair this afternoon and I now present a tech demo of this concept. I have taken a modern map of Europe and overlaid the cities as found in the Ticket To Ride Europe...
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Apache Nifi Sensitive Value Encryption

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This post is for my sanity and posterity if anyone else runs across this issue in the future and does not have the good fortune to come across a mailing list archive from last February.

Apache Nifi...
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An In-Depth Look At Radix Trees

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Radix Trees

Continuing in the same solution space as the Trie, we now look at Radix Trees...
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An In-Depth Look At Tries

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Two years, one month, and 1 week since the last one of these. This time I donít have an excuse, I really need to do these more often.


Many moons ago, I wrote about suffix arrays...
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Terrible Google Voice Change

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This one will be short and sweet. I use Google Voice to forward SMS (and at some point in the last three years they added MMS) to my gmail account. It used to be plaintext or the image(s) in the case of MMS. This past week, plaintext went away in favor of this monstrosity:

I cannot find a way to revert. I will...
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I have been programming professionally for over six years. All of it has been in the government contracting space. It wears on you after a while. Itís not the fact that your tech stack could be out of date by years or people that are retired in place. Itís not that you have ďtesters...
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Why Do Companies Spend Money on Stupid Shit?

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I get hit up by recruiters or past coworkers to come work for their company. Companies seem to have this notion that if they have eccentric benefits, it will draw people to come work there. Perhaps there are some individuals who like to work for free or get "perks" that they could easily purchase themselves in exchange for tens of...

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