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Deadpan Entry

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It is a quarter past midnight and I am setting up a blog on a programming website. If that doesn't tell you a thing or two about me... More to the point, this initial excursion into the world of words is a bit unfounded for myself, as I have only had one other so called "web log" in my lifetime of which I plan to continue. Thus, I will now have to come up with two witty sayings for my signature. Hopefully I will be up to the challenge.

Do not doubt readers. Doubt is sown from the seeds of discontent, which spawn from the ills of displeasure. So in an effort to remove doubt, ask questions. Expand your mind. Allow the knowledge to pour into you like [insert water or waterfall comment here]. I encourage you to follow the trail of KYA, the collegiate code monkey as he journeys through the last year of the undergraduate process. Enjoy both the quick wit, the dry humor, and the tasty morsels of code along the way. My goal is to have something educational in at least every other posting, lest I be negligent in my duty to pass on what I have acquired thus far in my own educational journey.

I welcome, encourage, and appreciate comments and will respond post haste. Now off to the task at hand!


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