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Follow Friday 5-21-10

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Right off the bat, I did not come up with this concept myself. I was inspired by @BenAlabaster. Rather then tweeting #FF people, I could make a single blog post which would allow for more robust descriptions of why one should follow my recommendations of individuals to follow in the twitterverse (did I really just say twitterverse? the end is nigh!).


Without any further ado:

@DennisCode: aka Core An admin here and a leader at Dzone's .NET area, he is a great source of information. One of the top two people from Dream.In.Code I would go to for .NET questions. Speaking of which:

@Psychocoder: aka PsychoCoder Also an admin, a .NET zone leader, and a .NET guru.

@Charles_Lewis: aka Amadeus Former admin and all around expert Alumni badge wearer. A variety of tweets, some of which involves Canadian stuff. You've been warned.

@BenAlabaster: .NET developer and passionate twitter debater.

@JohnMacIntyre: .NET developer who often posts great reading material. i.e. "Reading: and Liked:" type links.

@Akroncdnr: aka no2pencil Quite possibly the most random assortment of tweets you'd ever get. Some of them might involve computers.


If I didn't get to you don't worry, there's always another Friday. Unless one of us dies.

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25 May 2010 - 02:08 PM
Wow! Honestly, I am honored to be on this list KYA. Thanks for including me!
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