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Interstellar Review

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I just watched Interstellar and in an attempt to quantify what I thought was going on, I went to the white board. The missus and I then had a marker duel on the details:

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I'm pretty sure there is a plot hole somewhere, but I haven't yet scoured the internet for details.

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12 July 2015 - 07:46 AM
Interstellar in a nutshell:
Coop is the best there ever was at flying spaceships, but due to human caused climate change is now a farmer - and we're all out of okra.
Inexplicably, dust lines appear in his daughter's bedroom which he somehow realizes are (nearby) coordinates, goes there, and finds the remains of NASA.
NASA just happens to have detected a wormhole out near Jupiter, already sent several manned probes to look for new living space. However, because reasons, people on the other side can't send signals back through requiring NASA to send another manned mission through to see what's going on, but they need a pilot. Luckily, Coop + Murph just showed up, and Coop is the best at space there ever was - what a coincidence!
Coop flies the team through the wormhole, and they pop out the other side next to a blackhole with three planets in a stable orbit and all in the habitable zone - seems legit.
Meanwhile, Murph stays at NASA and learns math in an attempt to solve gravity with Michael Caine.
Back through the wormhole, the first planet is tidal wave world - no good, the second planet is Frozen and Matt Damon lies to everyone claiming this planet is perfectly good when he knows how full of crock he is instead of just saying "Look, I really wanted to get rescued and thought if I said reported this planet was unlivable no one would come back for me." Matt Damon then steals their space ship, damn near wrecks the mothership (or whatever) and Coop is forced to show off how he's the very best, like no one ever was by taking their second ship and docking with the mothership while it's descending erratically to the frozen planet.
Having overcome that problem, they need to get to the third planet but don't have enough fuel. The solution is to slingshot around the blackhole, and dropping some dead wait into the blackhole to help out. I'm not entirely sure that's how physics works, but the plot demanded it.

So Coop and the robot get dropped into the blackhole, discover it's a 5 dimensional space bookshelf constructed by future humans connecting to Murph's room which allows Coop to not only draw NASA's coordinates in dust particles (which is a paradox since he learned NASA's location from the dust) via gravity manipulation, but also let's him take the gravity observations the robot made from falling into the black hole and encode that data into the second hand of a watch using Morse code to communicate that information to his daughter, allowing her to solve gravity, which lets humans break the surly bonds of earth and live forever among the stars, eventually letting future humans contruct a wormhole and a space bookshelf to take humans away from the solar system. It's paradoxes all the way down.

Oh, umm, spoilers? Well, it came out like 10 months ago so I don't feel bad.


12 July 2015 - 09:27 AM
Sis you see this?


12 July 2015 - 03:08 PM
I don't think the movie ever really explains that in the 68 years after they solve the gravity equation that they can construct wormholes and tesseracts.


12 July 2015 - 04:31 PM
There was the throw-away line from Coop "We sent ourselves here!" uttered inside the space bookshelf connected to Murph via quantifiable love. Take that for what you will.


12 July 2015 - 06:28 PM
It wasn't so much a plot as a collection of plot holes, glued together with faulty physics and papered over with bad character development.Paradoxes? Yeah, I guess, but it's too lousy of a movie to worry much about the paradoxes.

In fact, this was easily one of the worst movies I've seen in recent years. The only one with more regularity of howlers was the horrible Alan Turing movie, which managed to actually get a major mistake in approximately every three minutes or so. (though Gravity was probably the single most annoying of the bunch)


13 July 2015 - 06:42 AM
The massive space stations in the end, upon which Coop gets rescued, appear to be self sustaining. They're growing corn and whatnot. If that technology exists (being able to fake the atmosphere) why would you even need to leave earth? Just build your crop growing space greenhouse on the ground. Ta da! You don't have to leave now.

Even if they can't grow regular food, clearly they are synthesizing something to sustain the population.

Also, why is Murph the hero at the end? Why is Coop in isolation for two weeks and then sent away? Where is his son? Why is everything interesting happening off screen?

This movie went full Mockingjay at the end.


13 July 2015 - 04:12 PM
At the end? None of it made any sense from the beginning! Think about Plan A for a minute... it was supposed to provide a method for getting some nontrivial fraction of humanity off the dying earth and transport them to some other planet. First of all, regardless of the fuel requirements, how many human beings do you think you could get into a space ship the size of, say, the Empire State Building? Assuming they're frozen and packed in containers approximately 3X2X2, that's about 12 m^3 per person. The ESB is ~400 meters in height by 130 by 60, so that's about 260,000 people, assuming no space for stuff like engines or hull, let alone space for any awake crew who might be sent along. Okay, so about a quarter of a million people - not too bad. So you'd only need about 27,000 of these to transport the earth's population. Or, if you want to pick and choose the best ten percent of humanity, you'd only need to build 2700 flying Empire State Buildings.

Okay, let's suppose we manage that. What have we accomplished? We've left our overcrowded planet behind us, and all of our goods and gear, and brought nothing but ourselves and our overpopulation problem.
Oh. Oops. Well, it looks like the problem that took about 200,000 years to get to on earth will be with us by, let's say, next Tuesday. Hardly seems worth the bother, really.

We can leave aside all the little details - the whole thing was shot to shit from the start. Complete and utter waste of time. Could only have been made by people who have never bothered to read any science fiction.


17 July 2015 - 08:11 PM
I think you guys assume many things. From what I recall of the movie a majority of the planet's population was already dead. They also did not say that they were looking to get everyone off the planet nor that they were taking a certain number of people. Those details we just don't know.


The massive space stations in the end, upon which Coop gets rescued, appear to be self sustaining. They're growing corn and whatnot. If that technology exists (being able to fake the atmosphere) why would you even need to leave earth?

When Coop gets back, time has passed after she broke the gravity problem right? Civilization was then able to build the station and advance in their knowledge and take most of the remaining people onto the station. She was old when he got back and decades passed. Obviously she helped find a solution that would save mankind.


Also, why is Murph the hero at the end? Why is Coop in isolation for two weeks and then sent away? Where is his son? Why is everything interesting happening off screen?

Again, she became the visionary and lead the people with her breakthrough. I think Coop was in isolation because they didn't know what he had been exposed to and what not, so they were using it as a precaution. He was not sent away, he chose to leave because he needed to go and save Elizabeth Hathaways character, remember she was back on the planet across the worm hole. That and he felt out of time back at Earth... again time passed decades and Murphy was old. Yet he was still young. As for his son, it is assumed he stayed on Earth and would die there at the farm.

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